Ford-New Holland TC18 Compact Tractor

18 hp 3 cyl. diesel with hydrostatic transmission. Rear PTO and 54" loader bucket. Made in the USA.

What it can do

This compact 4 wheel drive tractor is our centerpiece. It quickly finishes jobs that would take a team of men days to complete. At only 4' wide it is small enough to fit into a fenced off suburban backyard. It has the power and strength to handle heavier farm-work. Our tractor has turf tires installed. These tires are designed specially for use on soft lawns without causing ruts or other damage. The tractor loader bucket is the most flexible tool, capable of moving materials, excavating, back dragging, and loading. The PTO (power take-off) hitch on the rear can accept and power a wide range of implements. Some of our implements are shown below.

Kubota B71 HST

What it can do

This tractor is similar to the Ford-New Holland, allowing us to run two tractors simultaneously if needed, both running brushhog impliments for example.

GMC Topkick C4500 Pickup

Duramax Diesel, Allison Transmission, 5th Wheel

What it can do

Our GMC Topkick C4500 paired with our dump trailer allow us to haul stone and other heavy material with ease. The tight turning radius, small overall footprint, and great visibility allow us to place our dump trailer where most convenient.

JB Trailer 83" XL Dump Trailer

10,000 cargo weight 7' x 16' x 2' Dump Box (8.19 cu yds)

What it can do

Our dump trailer allows us to move materials, refuse, and equipment. It can handle 4 yards of gravel or stone per load. Topsoil, sand, wood chips, and other materials can be hauled in loads of up to 8 cubic yards depending upon weight. We can clean up your grounds and haul off trees and brush, old buildings, concrete walks, pads, and other refuse.

Carlton 2000 Stump Grinder/Cutter

25 hp Stump Grinder

What it can do

The stump typically remains after a tree removal, often with exposed roots branching out through the lawn. This machine can be used to grind down and cut the stump and root system, a necessary step in restoring a flat and green lawn. At 32 inches wide, it be manuevered into fenced off yards through a gated entrance.

Bush Hog RTS-50 Rotary Tiller

Bush Hog 50" width rotary tiller with 7" maximum tilling depth and 32 blades. Made in the USA.

What it can do

This tiller can prepare the ground for gardens, food plots, and can even be used to rework and improve a yard for grass replanting. After tilling you will have an even mix of loose soil with improved water retention. The available depth of 7" is plenty to ensure easy planting of crops or decorative plants. We can till areas from 5'x5' to acreage.

Brush Hog/Rotary Cutter

5' Rotary Cutter

What it can do

Our rotary cutters can chew through tall grass, noxious weeds, and brush. They are great for taming a field that has become overgrown.

Wood Chipper

What it can do

We use this Bandit 250 wood chipper to remove fallen tree limbs left after extreme weather or other causes. It produces a natural mulch that we can haul away, or leave for use in gardens or trails.

Taylor Way 48" Box Scraper

Made in the USA.

What it can do

Our box scraper can move dirt, sand, gravel and other materials. Material from higher areas is collected in the box and deposited in low areas. This action is essential when grading or leveling a surface and provides superior results. It also has scarifier teeth that can be dropped to provide increased cutting power. This can be useful when removing sod, or any time that increased cutting/scraping force is required.

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