Paver Patio Project

Yard Repair Man can handle paver brick projects of all types, providing results that will not only look good but also stand the test of time. We do all kinds of paver projects, large and small. Walkways, patios, decorative features, anything that you can imagine.

This project involved cutting away and removing the lower portion of a wooden deck, building an area with 1'x1' pavers, and preserving the upper portion of the deck by sanding and painting.

Several inches of limestone screenings were brought in to provide a base for the pavers

Special attention was paid to ensure that only a minimum of pavers would need to be cut. Providing a cleaner finished look and better durability.

The whole paver brick patio is slightly graded to prevent water from pooling.

Polimeric sand was used to tighten and set the paver bricks and prevent weed growth.

Dirt was brought in to grade up to the edge of the paver patio.

Trim was painted to match the new color of the wooden deck.

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